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Useless Shutters

Plastic louvered blinds, more commonly known as “shutters”, were attached to this 1960’s ranch style house in a presumed effort to beautify it. Even if hinged and operable, none of the four shutters on the front of this house would cover or protect anything.  The tall shutters flanking the bay window are too far from… Continue Reading

Upside Down Fanlight

Nothing surprises me anymore, really.  There is literally no end to the weird things people will do to houses and other structures. This house has suffered numerous indignities including the installation of asbestos siding and the later removal of a window from the center gable.   The replacement window is not only under-scaled and stylistically… Continue Reading

Extreme Makeover c. 1972 “Reimagined” in 2017

History does repeat itself, does it not?  This hapless house has had a heckuva hellacious history.  After being stripped of its true identity in the early 70’s and given a quasi-Colonial/Second Empire identity, this tragic structure has now been “reimagined” in a manner utterly void of any stylistic influence at all (save the few surviving… Continue Reading