As you last remember, I haven’t mentioned the greenhouse project for a while. Not since the end of April! Progress has been painfully slow, which is depressing. Work at the project house, bad weather and renovation fatigue (among numerous other distractions) have conspired to slow the pace down.

Nature has a way of getting our attention — sometimes in a humorous manner. Today nature reminded me that I have been neglecting my greenhouse project in an amusing way. I was greeted this morning by a large tumbleweed which had decided to stop tumbling and block the entrance to the greenhouse. A thought hit me over the head like a ton of bricks: “You’ve got to start working on this thing again!”

And I have started to work on it again… the first step was to remove the offending tumbleweed. I’d really like to be able to use it by this summer. Once I’ve finished framing and enclosing it, I will carve out the center aisle and build an interior retaining wall on either side of it. Here’s how the project stands now… about a third of the way to completion:

The tumbleweed which has shamed me into action.

A peek inside. Clear corrugated plastic covers the outside of the glass panels. When the wind is not blowing, it is noticeably warmer beneath these panels even though far from complete! The narrow spaces above the bottom sash will be filled with panels studded with glass canning jar lids or heavy glass ashtrays à la Bruce Goff.

Detail of the interior. The glass panels were salvaged from a 1960’s dormitory which was having its windows replaced.

The clear corrugated plastic helps to shed rain and snow. The greenhouse will tie in better when the rest of the house is clad in recycled, galvanized, corrugated steel… including the roof. Yeah, it will be odd, but I’m not going for normal here. And, fortunately, I don’t have any neighbors!
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