The past week has been semi-chaotic, but I still managed to get a few things done on the greenhouse project.  Below is a sectional drawing through the greenhouse (well, the lower half anyway) which should help to explain what is going on at present (depicted in following photos).  Additional sketches can be seen in Part 1 of this continuing saga…


After the greenhouse structure is built, a center aisle will be excavated and the dirt used as fill around the exterior of the concrete wall. The aisle will be lined with salvaged 3×12 bridge planking to form a retaining wall. More soil (and of a better quality than what surrounds the house) will be added to the existing grade inside. Although I show the aisle floor as being lined with “pavers”, I will probably just pour some gravel in there for a floor. An exterior galvanized window well will allow the basement window to remain operable.


This photo shows the guttering removed and a wood cap (or sill plate) added to the concrete wall. The outside edge has been tapered to shed water.


Here the opening for the future doorway into the greenhouse can be seen. Wood nailers are embedded on each side of the opening to facilitate the attachment of a wood door jamb. Part of the carport roof was previously removed in anticipation of the cement truck. The rest of it will be obliterated later on!


Corner detail.


Eave detail. While not as offensive as a pork chop soffit, I still don’t like it. I’ll probably cut a wedge out of the end of each gable and make all of the eaves parallel with the roof.


A portion of the soffit is removed to allow insertion of the first greenhouse “rib”.


Rib inserted. The rafter is made of a fir 2×6 salvaged from a house which was being demolished. The upright is made from scrap left over from the sill plate. However, I’m not happy with the angle of the upright. It needs to be more… aggressive.


I remake the rib with a more aggressive angle and paint it red. Jim likens it to a ’57 Chevy tail fin.


And yet another photo… I feel like an obnoxiously proud grandparent displaying wallet photos to someone:  “And this is my fifth grandbaby, Rib. Isn’t he/she precious?”


Yes! It’s plumb! I even checked with a level!


Sorry; one more! You know, this looks vaguely familiar…


I just knew I’d seen this somewhere before!

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