A Garlinghouse Design Plus the Sears Argyle and Hollywood

For well over a century, the Garlinghouse Company has been publishing house plans. While I’m especially partial to their mid-20th century designs, the older ones also have merit.  Below is plan number 1067 from the 1920’s… the house shown in the second photo was built in 1927 and remains largely intact today:

Plan number 1067 from the Garlinghouse company c. 1920’s.


An extant example of plan number 1067 as it appears today.


The following two houses are examples of Sears’ kit houses – each with some of the usual modifications that occurred originally or with the passage of time:


The “Argyle” was first offered as a kit house by Sears in 1916.


Built in reverse from the catalog image, this house appears to be a surviving example which has been heavily altered.


Also first offered in 1916, Sears’ “Hollywood” kit home (also known as “Modern Home No. 264P234”) captures fully the Arts and Crafts character so popular both then and now.


A surviving example, built in reverse, with some modifications to the original design.






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