A Craftsman bungalow — built with a stucco exterior — is in the process of being clad in vinyl siding. In a presumed effort to facilitate the installation, all of the original stucco is being removed. Amazingly, the stucco had never been painted and featured a pebble dash finish.

I found the diagonal installation of exterior lath to be captivating, and took a photo to document it before it is covered with vinyl.

A side of the house as it looked 3 years ago. The second story may have been an early alteration or it may be original (but not stuccoed).

The other side of the house as it appears today. The second story is in the process of being clad in vinyl while the first story has been stripped of its original stucco exterior.

Lath placed on the diagonal creates an interesting visual effect and was no doubt intended to strengthen the stucco’s bond.

Detail of the barren lath.

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